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Re: Is Kakashi dead?

Originally Posted by Frog_Hermit View Post
hm... why do everyone think that kakashi is between life and death ???

this is naruto world everyone !!
- it make much more sense that kakashi is under some genjutsu, and if we look back when itachi was in konoha... everyone thought that se was there for naruto but we now know his true reason , we also know that itachi somehow protected naruto from sasuke (or somethink like that), what if itachi did same to kakashi to prepare him for time when he come so close to death?

anyway that is what i belive is going on here...
If itachi saw a future in kakashi he would tell him. and who in their minds would put him under genjutsu wen they culd just finish them off with a nail. and itachi coming for 9 tails, wen itachi was in konoha he focused mainly on gettin inside sasuke's head so he can become more determined, you can see that early in the manga. Naruto has extensions, But not this far. If it did have extensions like what you described, Jariya and Asuma would still be alive
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