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Re: Naruto Q&A

Originally Posted by ShinobiKnight View Post
^ Incorrect. He's lightning element. He may or may not have a second element, but that's unclear, and I doubt it will be clarified. Also, luxord, don't double post.

I'm not sure, but I think "white chakra" is the energy that emerges when Kakashi or his father transmits chakra into that weapon he had in Kakashi Gaiden. It's not significant, anyway.

We don't know the former teams of Danzou, Asuma, or Gai, but it doesn't matter. Why do you care?

I presume they're because of Sharingan, but it's not entirely clear what having an affinity for an element gives you in comparison to an element you don't have an affinity for. Meaning, it's possible that he can use those jutsus naturally, or it may be because of his Sharingan.

Light & Dark manipulation? Recheck that, and please show me the page.

We don't know Pain's true identity.

Naruto's father has been revealed in the manga (I won't say it, because it's a spoiler).

Missing Ammegakure Leader? I think you're very confused.

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in the manga they called it yin and yang,
that is manga 316


but in the anime that was in episode 55

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