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Re: Six Paths FC

Birth of the Six Paths p2

Miko is barely visible next to the dragon and when the ten-tailed speaks and his body feels as though it’s being vibrated and shaken beyond his control. Miko remains still, no longer is Death waiting or any pain for that matter. He manages to look down and notices all of his cuts have stopped bleeding. He looks up again.
“Miko, I have waited thousands of years for someone like you and am glad you are now here.” Miko blurts out, “Who are you and why am I here? What is this…” “Be patient Miko and I will tell you.” Miko, scared now, “I-I’m sorry.” The dragon lets loose a deep laughter,”You have nothing to be sorry for. But when you leave here, I will force you to make a decision that will affect your human race as you have come to know.”
The dragon takes a deep breath and seems to take the every air out of Miko as well. “I am the last of my kind. My dragon race once ruled this world for thousands of years without opposition. But ultimately we were our own undoing. There is a ying-yang effect for everyone and everything that resides in this world. Good and evil coexist while time brings the change.” Miko stares in complete awe wondering why no one else has known of this cave and why this dragon has survived this long without being seen. ”Envy and greed soon swept through many dragons that wanted more than what they had. More power, more control…simply put, more of everything. Dragons everywhere started to die either by this new war or in the end just plain hunger. Our precious homes and resources had been charred. This world could no longer support us. Once my family had been killed I knew the end was near, so I took myself far away from everything I knew and sealed myself in this sphere that I created. In here time slows to a crawl and hides me from the world. I needed time on my side while I could think of what I was to do.” Miko hears movement behind him and whips his neck around.
The Yagato clan have arrived at the cave and are seconds away. As Miko turns back to the dragon, he notices the ten-tailed smiling. “Don’t worry Miko, they can not see you. You and I are sealed away from the world.” Miko’s face changes to anxiety, ”You don’t understand my village is facing destruction!” The dragon looks intently,” Miko, I know your whole life since the day you were born. I learned your language and yes I do know of the danger to your village.” Miko looks back confused throwing his head back, ”When did you…”, then stops. “Those eyes!” he thinks to himself. “It’s when you first stared into my eyes wasn’t it! I could feel you inside my head I know it!” The dragon simply just looks back slightly nodding as if he himself is perplexed with a young child. “You are right Miko, while time is slowed here, out there it remains the same.” Three scouts run to the end of the cave in total dismay and confusion why the injured soldier isn’t there. One slowly whispers, ”Did we read the tracks wrong?” “We have to go back” another whispers. All three give each other a glance and all three flee back to the entrance. Miko’s head slowly drops down and thinks maybe a day and a half at most before the Yagato reassembles and gets to his home. As Miko raises his head and looks at the dragon, the beast speaks.
“ Miko I am ten-thousand years old and three have been spent in this seal. When I decided that I wanted to die, I decided I would die on my terms and maybe leave this world the legacy of what once was.” The dragon rears back on its hind legs smooth and so swiftly, not at all like the slow reptile Miko thought he would be. “I will divide my power among this world.” Four of the dragon’s tails have come across his right shoulder while five tails come across his left. Crossing his arms the dragon reaches for the tails and pulls, yanking and ripping them from their base. The dragon roars in pain. The sphere is staring to collapse and the mountain is shaking. The Yagato scouts and the rest of the army freeze outside. “AN EARTHQUKE!” one shouts. Then one by one the Yagato clan flees and regathers forgetting the survivor. “He’s dead now anyway” one Yagato soldier murmurs. It seems the rest feel the same as the army take a different route to home of the Yamamoto.
The Yamamoto clan live a day trip away into the Fire Country from the border of the Sound. There are about a thousand people with visitors. Most are farmers with families who trade and sell, a peaceful somber. Their army consisted of five hundred men all ambushed while patrolling their borders by the larger Yagato clan. Since Miko was the only survivor no one has warned the village of the doom to come. The village will fall and all will perish. Miko is desperately aware.
The dragon throws his arms into the air, hurling the tails through the sphere and the top of the mountain sending rocks, boulders and debris for miles. Outside the Yagato clan splits, each man running to gain cover. None perish but some are hurt. The Yagato clan is in dismay, none know what is happening and many rethink about attacking today. They all know this, that if they don’t attack now the village will soon know what has happened and ask a neighboring clan for help. It’s now or never. They regroup and continue their death march. Up above not one man notices the nine different colored tails that streaked across the sky.
Miko is speechless. “Each of my nine tails will spread across the land each merging with a different element, creature or creatures to create a new form. Each filled with my charka, my blood. Each beast will be unrivaled in battle. Lastly, each one will grow a different number tail that is representing the stages in which I grew. This last tail I leave to you Miko. I will not force this power onto you. I created the Will of Fire Seal one thousand years ago. It would be only visible to those pure of heart, ones that cared more for than themselves. Once you have sacrificed your life for the ones you hold precious only then would the seal be released. But be warned Miko power can be misused.” The ying-yang. Miko knew exactly what the dragon was saying. Save the village now and bring forth new powers or die while saving the world of new horrors to come. Miko drops his head once more to think ,”He’s already let loose nine of the tails so the powers have already been let into this world. If clans like the Yagato ever controlled one of the beasts innocent people would have no defense. Like it or not there is no choice. It has been forced.” Miko raises his head “I’ll take the tail.” The tenth and last tail drapes across his left shoulder onto his red chest. The dragon then grabs with both arm and pulls once more again roaring in pain. The dragon brings forth his bloody tail which is swirling in a rainbow of colors. He hangs it over Miko while the tail is slowly being absorbed into his body. Miko is at first disgusted then his new power takes over cringing and falling to the floor while the tails melts into him. He’s in a different state of consciousness, seeing the dragons world as it once was. It’s as though he is flipping through the pages of book. Pausing seeing many events within the dragons time but never really understanding everything. They speak in a language which Miko can not comprehend. Battles take place, some in play, others fight to the end. The beauty and horror was mesmerizing. So many different animal realms with their own unique powers and their devastation brought on by the dragons. The manipulation of the elements. Finally a last image showing the different signs which the dragons call forth their techniques. Then it all stops When Miko comes to his wounds have completely healed. There is no more sphere and the sun is shining down from the hole in the mountain. The dragon lays dying and looks to Miko once more. ”Miko do you now know why?” Miko crying, “Yes.” He walks to the dragon. “Miko out of all the powers only you and your descendants will possess the power of the eye. Those with the eye will have all power over the six paths of the ninja.” Miko looks questioning ” Six Paths? Ninja?” The dragon moans in pain, “Humans that have the spiritual energy to harness the power of the dragon chakra and make it their own. The six paths are Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Hand seals, Eight Gates and Chakra. Their combination of use is endless and will in turn give birth to new techniques. Even the language and words you use will come to have power. But all the power will come from these original six paths. Others will come to have powers of mine through manipulation of the beasts or even by you. Still yet, other lesser eyes may be born as well as your lineage wanes like they did in my time. Many will have lesser powers but have tremendous strength. You alone will have to teach them now that you have my memories. Use them wisely, I know you will.” Miko looks into his eyes with dread” What if one that possess the eye is evil? Could he be stopped with all that power?” The dragon thinks and replies, “Yes if you could control one the charka beasts or perhaps combined powers of the lesser eyes.”Miko, ”Does the eye have a name?” Dragon, ”No.” Miko looks close at the dragon, “What’s your name?” The dragon lets out his last breath, ”Rinnengan.”
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