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Re: Is Kakashi dead?

Karui- Light, agile, unimportant, small, soft
Omoi-Feelings, Hope, Serious, Important
Samui-Cold weather

I only brought this up, cause we don't know much about these characters and am interested in seeing what they are capable of (after finding out what their names meant). I didn't say they were powerful enough to defeat Sasuke, and don't know if they are the ones actually assigned to that mission; it could be just to bring the message to the Leaf Village.

I guess coming from a country with an affinity to Lightning based attacks (meaning Sasuke's might be worthless regardless of how skilled he is ie. Killerbee deflecting his chidori sword) and the fact they were the personal students of Killerbee, a very strong shinobi, and the first people the Raikage trusted to send on an important meeting, means nothing.

Whether their message is simply, we are going to hunt down Sasuke and kill him, or the calling of a Summit between the Kages, or both is still up in the air. Doesn't mean they can't be itching for a fight once they get to the Leaf Village.
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