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Re: Favorite Character

If the Kyuubi itself counts as a chararter I pick him.

He is crazy powerfull, nearly limitless chakra, he is huuuuggeee. A red ninetailed kitsune heh. (I really like kitsunes) He is extremely smart, and melevlolent, he knows how to prey on peoples fears and needs, desires etc, to trick them into useing more of his corrupting power. I don't see him as a bad guy but more or less a last resort for Naruto if all else fails.

Also, imagen what a kyuubi powered rasen shurkien would be like? I mean seriously, I bet he could make them midrange attacks instead of point blank attacks.

The kyuubi is epic in every possible way, yes his power is immence and corrupting, but very usefull. If I had that inside of me, and I could go talk to it, I'd prolly stay down there for hours, getting to know the real him, as strange as it sounds, maybe try to befriend him to an extent, make him not hate me but atleast tolerate me. I'd learn how to properly controll his power, use more and more of it without loseing myself.

Kyuubi FTW~!!!!!
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