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Smile Re: Rock Lee FC

Originally Posted by Otachii View Post
'Ello! x3

Psh, it will not only shake the world of the fangirls but the fangirls in turn will DESTROY the world as we know it. Seriously, Kakashi fangirls are so dedicated it's horrifying when you piss them off. ._. But It's understandable, Kakashi's just too awesome to write off like that, he's Kakashi he just can't die. That's why I don't believe it. I'm actually hoping if he needs saving Sakura comes along and does it. x3

<<<Avid KakaSaku fan. ♥

Well team Gai's on their way! Maybe Rock Lee will finally get a chance to save the day in the manga! True when he took on the bone dude (whose name I can't for the life of me remember but I know it began with a K) and the sound nin he definately helped out but have you ever noticed that Lee never wins the major fights he's in? As a Lee fangirl that INFURIATES me because I know Lee is frickin' awesome at the awesomest level but he never gets a chance to really show it.

And ch'yeah purple= ♥
Greetings, fellow Fangirl!!! =D

It's been days since I've logged in! Anyway, everything you've said is once again true. but hey, I never knew you were a KakaSaku fan... Maybe I should try looking up that pairing... (even though it has nothing to do with Lee)

And uh... Yay! Team Gai is SO on the go... Oh, and according to your analysis, yes, I agree. Even his battle with Gaara was... so disappointing, so to say. Kishimito-san, do make Lee win in a major battle! I'm dying to see him win over a super strong guy!

Anyway, have you watched Naruto the Movie 3 and 4? Lee's got some awesome moves there, it's very youthful and adorable!

Well, that's a new topic for ya... XD

P.S. Hope they never change the PURPLE theme... =3 It's so fun playing with the colors!
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