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Re: Favorite Character

Originally Posted by dafourt_hokage View Post
if you talk to him he will probably befriend you just so he can take over your body i think the Fourth is better after all he is the best shinobi the village had ever seen and he sealed the Kyubi!
I think with enough time, and effort, one can learn to take enough of his power to not be taken over, while useing his abilitys letting him take over every now and again to let him enjoy the outside world, maybe I see him as to much a..uhh? Logical being than an evil smartass who wants nothing more than to take over me, corrupt my body permaently and eventually release himself into his true form and ravage the world once more.

I dunno I guess I'd have to meet him, and sit down and talk with him to find out, and in my mind, he would not be in some creepy sewer with water on the floor all the time. it'd be more like a sealed off room, with him in a more anthromorpic state for a more personalized feel? To each their own though :3

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