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Re: a boy named 'Adolf Hitler'

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
Heh heh heh.

God, I hate you.

Are you fucking delusional? Hitler's "Final Solution" was as integral part of his plan as brainwashing the German people. The bastard was insane from the start, really, so it's not like he got power drunk and started genociding anything that pissed him off. He wrote down his dreams in a booklet that become the guidebook for every single fucking Nazi and in that booklet it said, "Kill the Jews." What the fuck do you mean "we should respect that?"

A crime is something you should take into consideration when deciding whether to respect someone. Let's weigh the pros and cons of Hitler's regime:
-Pro: Germany out of the shitter.
-Con: Direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles (yes, I believe the treaty was unfair, but it was an official policy, and it should have been enforced).
-Pro: ...
-Con: World War II (I know that Hitler and Nazi Germany aren't the only people who started this shit, but come on, Hitler's the one who fucking empowered the Axis)
-Pro: Uh...
-Con: Genocide of Jews and other non-Aryans.
I won't even use sarcasm because a) you can't spell it correctly and b) you don't fucking understand it.

Fuck you, I refuse to salute Hitler in any way, shape, or form.


I feel sorry for the kid, but the whole swastika on the cake is a bit too far.
Then you didn't understand any shit from what i said..

I didn't said that he should be respected for being a criminal nor for how much good or bad his achievement ...i said he should be respected as a real special man..cuz he reached the imposible..he was in the lowest layer of society and jumped to the highest one using only his plans and hard work..after that he was able to take over all of europe and like half of asia on his own..we thank god that he went mad at last and failed otherwise we will be singing the german anthem infront of the nazi flag.

In brief..he was a bad guy and he got what he deserve..but if he was a man that made a twist in the world and made it something else than it was before him (take USA as an example) thats why he entered the history cuz he was considered a genius..criminal..but a genius..and i admire men like him.
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