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Lost Shinobi Heroes FC

________________________________________ ________________________ This FC is dedicated to all the great shinobi who have died on the line of duty for the sake of their own country, mission, or ambition. All fallen shinobi(good, bad and in between) shall be remebered for their abilities on and off of the battle field. Here lies there greatness.
________________________________________ ________________________

Have Fun. No Flamming, no double or more posting. Members must state that they are in there signature. No making fun of other members. Stay active, no spamming. Yet again please stay active. If u post here u must show respect to all members here. If u post in here u must be a member and if u still post in here and your not a member it is considered spaming. Do not start huge debates about who would defeat who and whatnot. Show respect to all shinobi mentioned no mater how much you dislike them. Thank you.

FC Owner:


Sasuke is Awesome


Wind Sage 00


Honorary Member:

{We need one more member before make this FC official. PM friends to join if they might be interested.

  1. There is one more slot for Co-Owner. Co-Owners have to be more active than members, allow people to join, and uphold the rules in the FC.
  2. There are two VIP slots open. VIP members can allow people to join.
  3. There is one more slot open for Honorary Member. The Honorary Member has the same rights as a member but does not have to be as active.
  4. There are unlimited amounts of slots open to members. Members follow the rules and uphold them if they choose.
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