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Re: Official Naruto Dub Chat

Ummm, I have to say I'm a bit worried about Dattebayo dropping...I know we'll still have the chance to watch the episodes one week after but...ummm, I don't know...Will this be free forever or for how long will they keep subbing?

About the dubbing...I have to say that for me nothing beats the original version...I've watched in spanish, english and japanese and nothing beats the seiyuus. There's something about the emotion they put into the characters!!! There's no doubt how amazing Takeuchi Junko is playing Naruto. The thing with dubbings is they take out sooooo much of the humor, the energy and the actual meaning of the sentence the character is saying. This is, for what I know, due to the fact they have to addapt the translation to the character's mouth movement.

As for the voices, there are only a few animes in wich the dubbed voices were better (for the main characters) in my opinion. such as Goku and Kenshin (Goku's original voice is hideous).

All in all, I rather the original voices 120%...I just love how the comic parts are done and how the seiyuus truly transmit the character's emotion and personality.
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