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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 3:

Naruto is seeing all this damage and his despair springs out of his face and in his words: This can’t be. Konoha seems completely destroyed and no one is in the streets of the remaining outer skirts. I really hope everyone is alright, especially Sakura. But something tells me some of the people who are very important to me are harmed.

“I don’t now where I should look no one is around to ask. I think it would be the best to visit granny Tsunade to hear what happened but I should look in the hospital first because Sakura mostly works there in the last time. If I know Sakura is all right I can ask Tsunade for what happened without fearing something happened to her.”

While Naruto runs for the Hospital two shadows sneakily follow him through all the ruins he passes but he does not realize this. What will these shady persons do and who are they?

Then Naruto arrives at the Hospital but it seems to be badly damage so no one would be in it.

With hope and fear as well Naruto searches the entire hospital for Sakura but there seems no one is around.

“Hallo there, is there someone? Hey Sakura-chaaaaaaaan do you hear me?” And fear vibrates in his voice.

“I can’t see someone here it’s really damaged, what ever happened I hope my friends are in good shape and the culprit of this was caught. But I want to know who did this and I want to see him judged. I should go and ask Tsunade for what happened here now.”

While he’s heading to the Hokage office two Shadows were added to his pursuers and the steadily follow him along and surely they don’t plan to say “Hallo” to him if you look at the fact they don’t want himself to be discovered, who are they?

Sneaky and whispering the shadows from before still follow him.

“Did he really don’t notice us? How typical for him, he’s still to dumb for a Shinobi. The training with this Frog hasn’t helped much, the only thing which changed is his cloths but they look kinda cool though...”

“Pscht Kiba, you know Danzous pawns are around the village and we don’t want them to notice us or Naruto or we can forget it to get him at first place. He really selected a good time to take the route to the office of the Hokage even when most of the village was destroyed...”

Fear comes out with this and also a warning tone.

The shadow which seemingly was Kiba agrees to this note of the second shadow and he is not amused.

“Yeah, but I really wonder that he wasn’t noticed yet and no Root member has shown. Don’t you agree Shino? He’s just too loud as ever.”

Then the other shadow which obviously is Shino responses with a warning.

“True but thanks to Shikamaru and Sai’s advice we know a little about them and their methods of searching but they don’t know that we know this so we have a small advantage but we still should be careful and hit soon. We know one thing for sure if he comes in sight of the scanty established Hokage office he’s finished as well as us.”

As the pass small pile of debris and ashes the third Shadow interrupts this briefing and he doesn't sounds to happy as well.

“But is it really necessary to hit him hard enough to knock him unconscious? I mean he’s still our friend and surely will come with us if we ask him and tell what happened…”

Shino with a cold logic voice, as most of the time reacts.

“You know this is too risky Hinata don’t you?”

Hinata in her shy way to speak tries to defend herself.

“Well but…”

Kiba with a mighty advising tone

“Hinata you know it as well as we know that he would be too noisy and if we would encounter an enemy he surely would rush at him without thinking and this is something we absolutely don’t need yet. Don’t forget our enemies are Anbu with no emotion and the weakest of them still would take us out in no time. We would be already lucky if Naruto wouldn’t rush straight to the Hokage office to take Danzou down anyway.”

Hinata knows that this is true and so she isn’t able to say more to protect her beloved from even a little harm by his friends.

“ …”

Because both of em got distracted with this Shino catches there attention with a commanding shout.

“OK you two stop that and pay attention to the task at hand. It’s not long till he would be in the danger zone where only a wide waste field remains we have to strike soon so prepare.”

Naruto still hurries to the center without knowing Team 10 wants to hit him unconscious and soon he will arrive. Will Team 10 be fast enough to get him or will they even be able to do so? See in the next Chapter.

P.S. @Uchiha_Kina This is more for playing around and get feedback thank you for that I will try to improve.
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