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Re: Databook 3

Im not sure if this has been posted yet... i mean i did a quick scan and didnt see.. so if so sorry lol..

Databook profile for Senju Hashirama

Main text

かつて、忍達が熾烈なる争いを繰り広げた戦乱の時代。。。並ぶことなき精強さを以って 、列国に勇名を轟かせし一族があった。名を"森の千手一族"という。その長にして、屍 山血河なる世を平定せし男こそ、千手柱間である。唯一無二の"木遁忍術"を自在に操り 、忍として突出した[力]を誇りながら、数多の民を纏め上げる大 いなる[徳]を有する、まさに稀代の英雄。

柱間は、長きに亘り対立関係にあった"うちは一族"と手を結び、忍の頂へ上り詰めると 、火の国に[木ノ葉隠 れの里]を設立。古今に類を見ない隠れの里のシステムは、現在の"忍び五大国"の礎を 築くに到 るのである。



Picture comments

"木遁忍術"、そして"尾獣"をも操る柱間の実力は、忍界にて正しく無双を誇っていた 。

人心を掌握せし、強烈なカリスマ性を持つ。柱間が木ノ葉なる巨大な里を築いたのは、必 然と言え よう。。。

木ノ葉の火影岩に残されるのは、柱間の意志を継ぎし者達の系譜。堅固な岩盤に刻まれし それは、永久に揺るが ぬ[火の意志]を表している。

Main text

Once, there was an age of war, when shinobi would engage in violent conflicts... There was a clan of largely unrivaled power, whose fame roared like thunder among the nations. They were the Senju clan of the Forest. Their leader was none else but Senju Hashirama, the man who put an end to a world of fierce battles and carnage*. He could use his very unique Mokuton ninjutsu at will, and on top of boasting outstanding power as a shinobi, he was no doubt a rare hero, whose great benevolence helped settle the disputes among multiple nations.

Hashirama joined hands with the old antagonist that was the Uchiha clan, climbed his way to the top of the shinobi [world], and established the Hidden village of Konoha in the Fire country. That system of an unprecedented kind, that of the hidden villages, became the cornerstone the modern Five Great Shinobi Countries are built upon.


The pinnacle of the shinobi rises magnificently, and lights a beacon of worldwide peace.

Picture comments

He boasted Mokuton ninjutsu, as well as bijuu-manipulating skills that made him truly unparalleled in the shinobi world.

A good understanding of human nature and intense charisma. Hashirama, who built the large village that would become Konoha, deemed those necessary to do so.

The Hokage Rock in Konoha is a genealogic tree for those who were marked by Hashirama's will. A testament to the everlastingly unshakable Will of Fire is carved into the solid stone.


Itachi's Amaterasu

Main text

封印術。転写封印:天照 使用者:うちはイタチ

"万華鏡写輪眼"の開眼者のみが操れる、火遁系の最上級忍術"天照"。その効力を第三 者の"写輪眼"に封じ るのが"転写封印:天照"。術を封じられた瞳が特定の標的を映した時、封印は解け、[ 炎をも喰らう黒炎]は 、獲物へ襲い掛かる!!




Picture comments



Fuuinjutsu. Tensha Fuuin: Amaterasu (Sealing technique. Transcription Seal: Amaterasu)
User: Uchiha Itachi

Main text

Amaterasu is a Katon-type ninjutsu of the highest rank, exclusively accessible to those who have awakened to Mangekyou Sharingan. The act of sealing that effect into someone else's sharingan is called Tensha Fuuin: Amaterasu. When the image of the specified target is reflected into the pupil the jutsu was sealed in, the seal will unbind, and "the Black Flames that devour fire itself" will swoop down on their prey!!


The raging Black Flames, delivered by means of the sharingan!!

The pitch-black, world-destroying conflagration, now blazing!!

Picture comments

The sharingan Amaterasu was sealed in will catch the target determined by the caster...

The pitch-black, raging fire bursts from the eye, and charges at its mark! No jutsu can allow one to escape from its fury!
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