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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 5

Unfortunately one Root of the last patrol they passed heard the noise Naruto made and is heading for there position.

Hinata has noticed this with her Byakugan and immediately warned Shino and Kiba but the panic in her voice is not so salving.

“Shino, Kiba we got a problem one of the Roots in the last patrol heard us and is heading for our position. I fear we have to fight.”

Kiba was catched in this panic too but at least not as bad as Hinata. Shino at the other hand remained calm.

“But we can’t at least as long as we are with Naruto as unnecessary baggage. Any suggestion what we can do now Team?”

Hinata has to negate this but Kiba seem to have some kind of an idea.

“No as well. If we just could get rid of Naruto for a moment we could use Akamaru to lure the Roots away. Since the destruction many homeless pets and even Ninja-Dogs are around Konoha and Akamaru sure wouldn’t be noticed by them as a trained Ninja-dog and even if there are enough of them who lost there partners during the destruction and aimlessly searching for something to eat.

Danzou only cares about rebuilding Konoha more fortress like and didn’t even made a list where the dead villager and ninjas are listed so he also can’t say much about Akamaru as well as his subordinates. They only would say ‘just another dog let’s go back to patrol’ and that’s it.”

Shino believe this is a good plan and he allows it.

“This listens like a plan even if it’s a risky one and it’s our best chance to avoid a fight but someone has to carry Narutos body then.

Okay cut his harness and sent Akamaru to lure them away.”

Kiba smells by “someone” he was meant and argues like normally.

“So it will be me, I should have known this and shouldn’t have suggested this plan… or at least an other Version of it”

A few seconds which he needed to open the harness later.

“Okay ready Akamaru? You heard about the plan, you will act as a street dog here and follow us after we’re safe.”


“Good boy Akamaru.”

“Okay Team let’s get out of here ASAP.”

So Kiba sent Akamaru away and they get in a different direction to finally arrive at the south gate. Or at least so it’s planed.

A while later, short before the south entrance is reached something happens and Hinata becomes very scared.

“You remember the unknown Patrol from before?”

Kiba was caught of guard.

“Yeah what is it?”

“Well I told you they heading for another route as we were but they soon will arrive at the south entrance and there is nothing where we can take shelter.

Shino with much concern states his opinion.

“That means if we’re not fast enough we either have to fight them or will at least be noticed. Not really a promising thing.”

Kiba unusual cold and concerned gives his statemet.

“Either case would be bad especially since Akamaru hasn’t returned yet I hope he’s alright.”

Hinata who has calmed down also says what she thinks as well.

“He sure is, but right now we have a bigger problem at hand they are faster than I first thought, they must be some of the more elite ones.”

The Roots approach the position of Team 10 faster and faster and Shino seems to be narrowed.

“No time to worry yet we can come back later and search for him but right now we should run as fast as possible.”

Kiba don’t hesitate.

“Right let’s go.”

They heading to the entrance with full speed but the Roots seem to become even faster like they sense something. One of the Roots obviously has felled something.

The first Root states that he feels something.

“Something is not right today I just can feel it. There is something that will happen soon.”

The second Root doesn’t think much about this and states what he thinks.

“Hat are you talking about, are you paranoid?”

Though a Root shall not have any Emotions the first Root seems angered.

“No and you know this. I’m just careful which wouldn’t damage you too. “

The other Root cares less about this advice.

“Hah I’m fine. I just don’t think something can happen in this rubbish here. Danzou is a military genius, no doubt but who would attack this rubbish left of Konoha. Honestly I would prefer helping to rebuild the village instead of build a fortress this would be at least more interesting than patrolling through this garbage and all this animals here. In the end one will bite me as bad as that one of this afternoon who really bad hurt one of us.”

Now the first Root seems to show not much of care.

“It was his own fault I don’t know the use it has to catch and train all this wild animals, they won’t obey anyone else than their former master they trained with.”

Root 2 just agrees while they consistent approach Team 8.

“I agree but he thinks they could be useful, well maybe he learnt something at this but the dog is who-know-where now.”

Shino seems even more concerned and unfortunately with a reason.

“This will become close. Hinata please watch again in their route.”

A little eased Hinata states the current position of the Roots.

“Affirmative, it seems they slowed down a little which only is good for us.”

Kiba becomes pissed.

“Oh no Naruto again starts to awake, not now we’re so close but with that they surely will notice us right away.”

Shino coldheartly commands to hit him again.

“Then hit him one last time we can apologize later.”

Now they reached the entrance but just when they want to leave they get noticed by the arriving patrol.

Kiba even more pissed

“Oh fuck we were so close, if we just weren’t slowed by Naruto waking up again. In addition I have only half fighting power without Akamaru.”

Shino advises Kiba to throw Naruto in the forest while he hopes the Root didn’t saw him.

“Kiba throw Naruto in the Forrest they don’t saw him yet I believe and it would be better they don’t or they tell Danzou which would make everything more difficult for us. Besides Sakura and the others are already waiting a little further so they can get him out instead of us.”


The next moment the Root starts to attack without saying something.

“There they are ‘Needle storm Technique’”

Thousand of needles are flying in the direction of Team 8 and in addition the other Root attacks as well.

The second Root throws a letter bomb in their direction.

Team 10 doges and defends, luckily Naruto already lies in a bush at the forrest and wasn’t seen by the Roots.

So the battle began but Team 10 really is at a disadvantage here especially since Kiba can’t use many techniques without Akamaru.

Shino and Hinata are able to keep up with the Root but they will not win in the end cause the Root has more experience and are better trained yet than they are.

During that Kiba just can prevent to get killed without Akamaru it really looks bad for them.

While Shino and Hinata doges the senbons of the first Root Kiba is hit by many hard knocks of the second root.

Shino uses Bug-Bunshin to give Hinata the Chance to prepare for her 64 Guardian Hands but she gets interrupted by a hail of Shuriken.

Kiba still has to endure the Taijutsu of the other Root. It doesn’t look good for our friends.

The fight continues but Team 10 becomes weaker and weaker with each minute passing.

Suddenly a shadow runs out of the village straight to the battleground, who is it, friend or foe? What becomes of Team 8? The next Chapter will tell.
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