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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by MikeyM1979 View Post
Statistically, no. Itachi has quite low stamina. If Itachi wins, it won't be because of attrition.
I am pretty sure a 21 year even sick still had more breath then sarutobi he is 21 years old after all right.... but hat's a mute point anyways

There are no specifics mentioned in that perfect score, so we can't just assume he's perfect both offensively and defensively, especially since he's shown absolutely nothing to display either side.
Sure there is its a 10 thus meaning he knows how to deal with genjutsu it's a data book buddy... i won't argue something proven anymore.
He also seemed familiar with that genjutsu, and was also forced to pull out his trump card just to deal with it. I'm sorry, but Tsukuyomi >>>> that dark genjutsu Hashirama used during that fight.
Correction he would have pulled out that death god any ways because those bodies cannot be killed plain and simple if itachi was in his place he would need susanoo to win as well so please don't say stuff like ehe couldn't get out of it he needed death god cause without death god he would lose anyways since the only way to kill those zombies is to rip them out.(their souls)

The only known way of breaking out of Tsukuyomi is by having a Sharingan (I think, or being an Uchiha), or if the user chooses to release it. And if we really want to get into specifics, any skilled Uchiha should be able to break out of Shodaime's genjutsu, being that a 3 tomoe Sharingan can see through genjutsu. So it took a huge trump card like the Death God to get Sarutobi out of that genjutsu, while it takes a skilled Sharingan user (or some such) to have a CHANCE at breaking Tsukuyomi.
As i mentioned before no matter how you look at it death god would be used either way why not sooner you know what i mean because breaking from a strong genjutsu takes chakra as well being he was old as heck he needed the right moment which was then.. Itachi would have gone susanoo as well in that position.

And was very ill, and has very low stamina. Not saying he won't win, but don't try and say that the only reason Itachi would win against someone like old Sarutobi is because of his age. Itachi would win, being ill and low on stamina, anyway.
He would win only because he is younger true he was sick but i doubt he had less in him then an old man way past his expiration date.
We've no idea what Sarutobi was capable of in his prime, so let's not go by hype, mmkay?
mmno It was stated mre then once that he was god of ninja in his prime nuff said u aren't called a god by everyone for nothing see pain calls himself god lmaoooo nobody really thinks he is but sarutobi was given that name and thats how they knew him even orochiamru said it when they fought forgot where though

Honestly, Itachi doesn't need to be that versatile. He's not Kakashi. He's a genjutsu God.
He isn't fighting a push over buddy he is fighting a hokage one that it took orochimaru 2 zombie hokage 1 of being the greatest ninja at his time and his younger brother vs a 69 year old man.... 1 on 1 would be a bit different since u won't waste ur time. as i said either way itachi wins or draws there is no other outcome.

Do you really think those elemental ninjutsu will even be a factor here? I don't.
yeah because a guy who can use elemental fusions like they are nothing would def not bother itachi if i remember thats what kisame said"itachi fought him through his head(him aka 4 tails) not directly so he doesn't know what went on with 1 on 1 like kisame does this the same thing only this is a hokage who knows how to counter genjutsu and got a perfect score on it from mr manga creator should we argue the authors words seems kind of dull to me so i won't.

Barely? So you're saying the guy who lost to Orochimaru, will be pulling off a win against a guy who would, and has, utterly rape stomped Orochimaru? o_O
Put itachi 3 on 1 like sarutobi was fighting he would not win either he be forced to go susanoo so yeah i am saying that itachi vs sarutobi would be more fair then orochiamru and 2 other zombie hokages..... itachi wouldn't win either he would die killing the bodies since it said that susano drains your life force.

That doesn't matter, Edo Tensei is part of Orochimaru's moveset. That's like saying Jiraiya or whoever wouldn't win fights if it weren't for their summons.
cept jiraiya and itachi are equal lmaooo even without his summons he still is golden i'm just proving a point that itachi in that situation would need to use susanoo as well. Sarutobi didn't use death god because he couldn't get out he used it because it wouldn't matter what he tried he would die anyways cause he was old and there was 3 vs 1.

I never implied they were jokes, but Itachi was clearly Kage level himself. Him not having the title doesn't mean he couldn't defeat Hokages like Nidaime, Sandaime, and Godaime. I'm not going to touch Shodaime nor Yondaime, since Shodaime defeated Madara, and Yondaime...well, yeah. sandaime surpassed shodaime they were teacher and students and youi don;t get called god of ninja in your prime because ur weaker then the past itachi would win just not as easy as anyone would think that's about it. the result wouldn;t change even if he was healthy because then sarutobi could always shinigami his ass and boom.

Yeah, problem is, a lot of problem were praised as the strongest of their time, not just Kages. I even recall Madara being called that. Hype doesn't mean much.
Nope these were the people whowere stated to be something.

Shodaime - called by madara himself the greatest ninja in his time and the only man he looked up to. so madara was weaker lol.

Sandaime - was praised as the god of ninja in phis prime its one thing when someone like pain praises himself like that and another when others give u that title before u ask for proof mikey he was sarutobi lmaoo he wouldn't call himself anything lol.

Yondaime - greatest hokage ever strongest ninja leaf ever produced etc etc yellow flash etc etc man who defeated the kyuubi etc etc and w/e

then we have the losers of today

MADARA - expired prune

pain - fan his own self nobody really takes him serious lol i mean naruto shattered his body in one hit

----- - some other loser that's going to show up soon
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