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Re: 2012

Originally Posted by Redneckboy View Post
"I predict that tomorrow George Washington will come back to life, and he will fly on a hoverbike to Washington D.C. and kick George Bush's ass."

"That is impossible. hoverbikes don't even exist right now."

"You are wrong. I have commercials on TV channels, which proves I am a valid psychic. George Washington will ride on a hoverbike."

"Wait, how will George Washington rise from the dead?"

"Trumpets will sound all over the earth and the Big Ben will suddenly collapse, along with the parliament building."

"Seriously, there is no way this will happen. The Big Ben is extremely strong."

"Yes, but this earthquake will be OVAR 9000 on the Richter scale. Obviously this will not be a natural cause."

"I sort of agree with you when you talk about all of this, but I don't think it will be George Washington who rises from the dead, it will be Benedict Arnold!"

Finally RNB comes to save the day:

Seriously, this thread is by far one of the most retarded things I have ever heard of. What evidence is there at all that the Mayans calendar is correct? None. Even if there are hints that they predicted a couple of movements, that does not prove that the other 99% of the claims of the calendar are true. Why would you even have to debate about the calendar when you could just mention that there is no hard evidence that the world will end anytime soon?

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