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Re: Who's Faster?

Originally Posted by freedom07 View Post
i still think sasuke is faster his sharingan can copy fast movements like lee so whos to say he hasnt copied someone who is faster than lee or gai in shippuden and thats why he is soo fast in series 2 and what if someone else whos faster than sasuke came along...sasuke will just adapt with the speed and overcome it ..becoming faster or equally fast.
if we are talking about naruto vs sasuke in a fight then narutos speed should not be a problem the sharingan slow movements down and now sasuke has mks
sharingan cant copy someones speed - are u crazy? ^^, and rock lee told sasuke that he may have eyes that are faster than him but if his body cant follow than it is useless, and he copyed lees taijutsu not his speed or strenght or anything like that...

i think naruto is faster than sasuke by far, when in sage mode his body is way more stronger than normal, and if he can jump so high he can run and move faster as well - that is only logical, sasuke may be able to see him but will he be able to counter his attack is the right question ^^, MS give sasuke some powerfull abilitys but that is all, he cant see bether with it actualy it can only negatively affect his vision... ^^

sorry man but u talk like if u have sharingan than u only need to copy jutsus around and like there is no need to train, sharingan may copy some jutsu perfectly but even so itachi and kakashi had there own style of fight and didnt use those jutsus that they copy when they fight against someone strong...

- i dont think that naruto can beat sasuke easily or anything but i dont think that sasuke would be in any kind of advantage over naruto even with his MS... ^^
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