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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by Redneckboy View Post
There is always a debate for something. The fact is, the way logic works, we who believe in God must provide proof. Logic does not say you have to disprove something.
Actually that is false, the way that we decide if a logical argument is sound, valid but not sound, or invalid is by proving if there is a counter-example to the conclusion, if there is then there is a contradiction. Therefore the argument would be made invalid.

The system of Logic, is very black and white, with no room for complexities like shades of gray, or for that matter higher levels of thought because it can not thoroughly explain these phenomena. A simple example being the reasoning of the mind.

Another way of looking at this would be to look at a computer. It is a logical device that can do precisely what it is programmed to do, but it can not reason the same way that a human mind can, because the mind thinks in a higher way which logic can not convey. Therefore logic can not be used as a means to explain the magnitude or the depth of human thought.

With the system of logic men could neither prove nor disprove God, therefore by your own terms it is illogical to say that it's only a one-sided argument where those who believe in God should provide evidence for Him, although we have...and then say that those who disbelieve don't have to provide evidence...?

Anyways, the Bible is sound. Knowing at least in part of what you are debating about would be beneficial to both sides of the argument or the conversation. How can you form an opinion on anyone that you don't know?
For that matter, what is the reasoning behind people claiming that since God can not be disproven and they don't accept the evidence that people and history support...conclusion they say God doesn't exist. The wise thing to do
since by the system of "logic" people say that God's existence can not be disproven then why don't you believe, if there is even a chance of God existing so said by the "logic" system that people so seriously revere, by that same logic system wouldn't it be logical to look into God because there is a chance according to the logic system that God does in fact exist...?

The truth is that God is, and always will be, but everyone has a choice to believe or not. So it's up to you all once again to decide for yourselves. I hope that the decisions that you make are made from the truth about God and not just assertions that you believe are the truth about God.

Remember knowing someone and knowing of someone are two entirely different things.

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