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Re: naruto's speed & hearing power

Originally Posted by Narutologist View Post
Naruto's 5 sense were heighten from the sage mode. With that being said then I believe his speed and hearing were dramatically increased as a result also. Naruto was not that slow to begin with if you look at his battles in the manga. Against Sasuke he looked hella slow because Sasuke is a speed demon. Let me throw out another factor also in regards to Naruto's speed...Maybe it's in his genes to have speed. His father was the 4th hokage after all...

for heigten 5 sense, then i bet his seeing power will also beat buykagen.
i agree also abt his genes. then he will b god of the speed later while sasuke is speed demon. naruto looks stupid sometimes in learning some jutsu(s) not because he is bad, but because he have to walk in his own way and he is not meant to walk in others' old ways. For the moment, he understands more and more about Sage mode than the Toads do. Most are his own creations. But sasuke just walks in others' old ways. This is the good about Naruto over Sasuke. Naruto looks more and more like a leader now.
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