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Re: The Truth of the Matter

The doctor shook his head in rebuttal. “The knife wound on his arm is not necessary to Naruto’s survival, whereas suppressing the fever was. It probably took a lot of energy to do that while sealed that the fox normally wouldn’t waste otherwise.” Miyake gave a small ironic smile. “You forget, Hokage-sama. The fox may be a murderous monster, but it is still very sentient and intelligent. In the battle field, if you’ve got a limited amount of resources when trying to get out of enemy territory you wouldn’t waste bandages and sutures on a paper cut from opening a scroll, but with a kunai to a vital spot you’re going to put everything you’ve got into closing up that wound. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re still behind enemy lines.”

Sarutobi nodded to acknowledge that the doctor had gotten at his hidden agenda. “Then we shouldn’t have concerns about the Kyuubi breaking the seal.”

Miyake shrugged. “I’m just a civilian doctor these days, sir. I’m afraid you’ll have to tell me the answer to that.”


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