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Re: Breaking Point


Naruto turned around to notice Sakura dashing towards him and Fukusaku. Naruto quirked his eyebrows at the sudden appearance of her. I mean it’s the dead of morning.

A few seconds later she stopped.

“Sakura-Chan, why are you up so early?” Naruto asked Sakura.

“Because i.. I almost forgot that you were leaving today, so I came here to say good luck on your new training.” Sakura lied. Naruto smiled small at her.

“Uh, Thank you Sakura-Chan. I’ll see you when I come back.” Naruto said to her as he started to walk back towards Fukusaku. Sakura clenched her fists at herself, she knew that she was blowing it. Sakura sucked up her fear, and grabbed gently at Naruto’s shirt. Naruto turned around, and looked at her sad emerald eyes. He was starting to be concerned with her.

“Is there something wrong? Are you ok?” Naruto asked Sakura. She nodded at the question.

“Um, can you leave for a moment frog sage?” Naruto asked Fukusaku. He nodded and disappeared for the time being.

“Naruto.. I… I’m concerned about you..”

“What for?” Naruto queried.

“Ever since you heard that Jirayia died, you have been acting real distant towards everybody..” Sakura said to Naruto, Naruto kind of falsely smiled at her. He was playing that card again.

“Sakura-Chan, he was like family to me. You can’t expect me to be all happy go lucky.” Naruto said.

“I know that, but it’s not like you to do that. It scared me.” Sakura said.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be ok.” Naruto said to calm her down. Then Sakura grabbed a fistful of Naruto’s jacket.

“Stop lying to me, it’s obvious that you are not fine. Why can’t you just let people in?” Sakura asked him exasperatedly. Naruto turned his head away from her, he can only just give a shrug to her.

“I’m not worth your time, or anybody else’s.. It’s better if I just go away. I mean think about it, if I get killed by Pain, that means Akatsuki can’t complete their goal.. ” Naruto said. Sakura grinded her teeth, and tightened her grip on Naruto.

“What did you say!” Sakura shouted at Naruto.

“You heard me, it’s better if I just go away..” Naruto replied to Sakura. She started to well up tears in her eyes, this wasn’t usual for Naruto to act this way, he’s usually the one who never gives up.. It was like Tsunade said, if she didn’t came soon enough, he would’ve become what he was acting now.

“Wh, what about becoming Hokage.. I THOUGHT IT WAS YOUR DREAM! NOW YOU’RE JUST GOING TO THROW IT ALL AWAY?!” Sakura snapped at Naruto, Naruto smiled at her.. then frowned again.

“Sakura, how can I become Hokage if I’m not able to keep my promises to people..” Naruto said to Sakura. Sakura immediately lessened her grip, her head lowered. Now those tears she held was now coming out.. She knew what he was implying by that statement..

“I know how. Stop making promises that are near impossible to complete . I know why you make promises to people.. You want to see them happy, admit it Naruto.. The reason why you made that promise to me was to see me happy with Sasuke. Was it?” Sakura said with a small smile. Naruto’s eyes widened a bit.

“Yes, for the most part…” Naruto admitted to Sakura.. Then Naruto saw a light in Sakura’s eyes that he hasn’t seen in a long time..

“I should’ve known. I remember that day vividly, what you did for me was really noble of you. But at the same time really stupid… You were throwing away your chances to ever be with me.. I saw the hurt in your eyes, I saw the way you made that pained smile. You went through this much just for me and Sasuke being together” Sakura said to Naruto. Naruto’s smile kind of returned, but still in his depressed mode.

“Anything for you. You’ve always known that I put you first before anything else…” Naruto said to her. She still had her grip on Naruto’s jacket, then she thought of an idea..

“If what you said is true, then stop what you are doing, open up a little more.. for me. Because I think you are worth my time.” Sakura asked him with kindness. Naruto smiled again, now his mood has lifted..

“Ok, I’ll do it for you.” Naruto said to her.

“Thank you, I don’t want you to throw you’re life away, promise me that you won’t go after Pain. I don’t want you to become like Sasuke.” Sakura said to Naruto. Naruto’s eyes widened, now he knows why this was hurting her, it was like that night all over again. Then out of Sakura’s surprise, Naruto hugged her. She blushed slightly, the embrace was warm and calming, she liked it.

“I promise, I don’t know what got over me.. I promise I won’t follow the path that Sasuke choose.” Naruto said to her. Sakura broke off the embrace, then an idea entered her mind.

“How about after you come back, we… can go on a date…” Sakura suggested to Naruto. Naruto eyes immediately nearly blew out of his sockets. Well this was something new, for the both of them.

“Are you serious, really?!” Naruto said out loud. His goofy side was back in full swing, she knew this would make Naruto feel better. But she actually wants this, she really does want to go on a date with Naruto.

“Really. How about it?” Sakura asked Naruto. She knew this was somewhat a rhetorical question that she’s asking Naruto.

“Of course, but I have to ask you something, why?” Naruto asked her. She was shocked that he asked why. Sakura leaned to his cheek and pecked Naruto’s cheek with a kiss. Naruto blushed deeply, never in his life would he even imagine that Sakura would kiss him on the cheek.

“Because, maybe I like you a little bit more than a friend. I don’t know, it’s just that when I’m near you I feel I can be myself, I just don’t know how to explain it..” Sakura explained to Naruto with such sweet intimate eyes. She was now blushing big time.

“Then you don’t need to, as long you like me and I like you, that’s all we need.” Naruto said to her. Sakura suddenly got shocked with hormones, it seemed like Naruto’s words jolted her tenderness for him. Then suddenly for some unknown reason, they started to lean towards each other. They were nervous, never before have they gotten got close to anybody before, they were so close they could feel their each other’s breath.. they were only centimeters now, then;

POOF!! A sudden cloud of smoke appeared, breaking them out of their tender trance. Then Fukusaku appeared.

“C’mon Naruto, I’m not getting any younger here, oh..” Fukusaku said as he found the two teenagers being so close to each other. Both embarrassed by Fukusaku appearing, they immediately got unclose, but still pretty close…

“Umm.. I guess I’ll see you when I get back Sakura-Chan?” Naruto asked her with a shy smile. Sakura laughed at him, she bap him on the shoulder gently.

“Of course, good luck with your training, Naruto.” Sakura said to Naruto. Naruto then ran towards Fukusaku, and waved Sakura goodbye.

“Goodbye Sakura-Chan!” Naruto said to Sakura.

“Bye Naruto!” Sakura said with a wave goodbye. Then Naruto and Fukusaku disappeared. Her heart was beating, never before in her life has she felt this way for anybody. She couldn’t wait for Naruto to come back.

‘When you come back Naruto, things will be different between us. I promise.’ Sakura said to herself as she was walking back to her house. She knew now that Naruto needed her, and she needed him.

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