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Re: The Legend of Zelda FC

Originally Posted by Sharingan Lord View Post
I remember seeing this trailer a couple years back! It doesn't seem like the best quality movie, but it's still Zelda. ;D I didn't really think the actor for Link looked elfish enough, but it's not really an actual film...I think.

Video game-based films are hard to make good, and I think it's the same with Zelda. It's just that...I don't know...there's so many options you can put in it...and...yeah. I don't know.

Someone did write an article about it on The Hylia. I found it an interesting read.

Anyway, I finished Phantom Hourglass! (About time...) I really liked the ending cutscenes, except the actual last cutscene. I have to say, that game has some of the most amusing cinemas I've seen in any Zelda game. I liked Linebeck's relationship towards Link in the end the most, ditto Ciela's. I don't know, it was just...heart-warming. : D

Also, some pretty exciting news from The Hylia...
I think this would likely be obvious even without any confirmation, but seeing as how Miyamoto and others confirm about 2.35 times per day on average that they are working on a new Zelda, I figured I would give you the latest updates on who is talking up the existence of the next Zelda. But there is also something else at the end...

So, first off, we have Miyamoto. He, in a big round table with GameInformer, briefly mentioned at the end that they are in fact working on a new Zelda title. Here is the quote:

"Don’t worry; Miyamoto also clarified that he has not forgotten they need to keep making Zelda games. Good to hear."

In addition to that, we also got confirmation from Nintendo of America's Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Denise Kaigler, that, "...Wii is still less than two years old. Mr. Iwata announced at E3 that the Mario and Zelda teams are working on new games for Wii, and Mr. Miyamoto announced that he's working on a new Pikmin game."

Now this third and final thing. To me, it is very exciting because it puts forth a possible answer to the whole "Nintendo is ignoring the hard core gamer" mess.

I hope you are all sitting down for this.

Shigeru Miyamoto, in an interview in San Francisco done with various media outlets like GamePro, "...noted that while Pikmin's Lead Designer worked on Wii Music much like Zelda's top talent took on Wii Fit, both developers are now back to working on their classic franchises."

What does this mean? It means that some of Zelda's top developers were working on Wii Fit, but have now gone back to doing what they do best, working on Zelda games! To me, assuming Miyamoto isn't just trying to appease us, this brief glimpse of Nintendo internals provides core gamers (or at least me) with a certain feeling of relief.

Perhaps this hard core vs. casual game making is cyclical and we are going into the "core phase." Perhaps Nintendo feels they've already hooked enough casual gamers to broaden their core base. Whatever the case, it is good news for us Zelda fans as it means more resources allocated to Zelda and other core titles. Don't get your hopes up, but we could be seeing a new Zelda title sooner than we had expected.
Other things in the news...
- The Zelda Theme makes the Top Ten Videogame Themes list.
- Shigeru Miyamoto wins an ESA Award.
- Ocarina of Time is awarded IGN's Best Game award, and Phantom Hourglass lands third place in a Best DS Games contest.

Originally Posted by Silverblade
Windwaker had the most epic music, Ocarina of time was good, Majora Mask was interesting showing how Link could use a few of adult Link's weapons and Twilight Princess had sexy graphics.
I agree, especially about Wind Waker having amazing music.
Wooooooo pan flute!

Originally Posted by Silverblade
These rumors i'm hearing about the next Zelda game is going to blow away PS3 and the 360. Yeah if that same Link from both Ocarina of time and Majora's mask has a prequel to TP then everyone is going to go insane and impatient.
Here's my previous post. I found some information about a new game in the works from The Hylia.

Originally Posted by Silverblade
I really think the Link from the N64 was the strongest out of all of them.
Physically, I think that Twilight Princess Link was kind of stronger. However, Ocarina of Time Link was much stronger emotionally... At least that's what I think.

An interesting image, from GoNintendo. Link as a real person; take a look.

Happy new year, everyone. Apparently last year was the first year in a decade that no new Zelda game had been released. Hopefully that doesn't happen again this year! : )

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