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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

i think the character that really is underrated is Kisame. i would have liked to see some more fights, were he actually realeses his full power...i mean, if he crushed suigetsu, that would have been awesome ^^ and it is stated that he has a huge chakra pool, and we only saw him fight in the 30% clone of pein...and he kicked ass at first ^^

the character that was most overrated is in my opinion hard to find. i'm thinking of sasuke, but at first, he kicked ass, but later, in team hebi, he had to rely too much on his comerades, and this is my personal opinion, he has been hyped since he ''won'' against itachi, and in the 8 tails arc we saw how unexperienced he still is.

plz all the sasuke fans don't teat me to shreads, it's my opinion >_<


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