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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Honestly, I think they made Kakashi an overrated character. Sure, I don't hate him, but ever since Shippuden started he's been getting the living s*** kicked out of him. Like against Kakuzu, Kakashi was seriously struggling to stay alive against him. Meanwhile, Naruto almost destroys him in one hit. Sure Kakashi kills him, after he's half dead in the crater made from the impact of Rasenshuriken (or whatever). Especially now with Pain, he got completely destroyed in little to no time.

I think Sakura has become an underrated character. She REALLY improved from the original series before Shippuden and she heals A LOT of people now. People often underestimate her now, because she is a little weak of a fighter compared to, say, Naruto. But she's still strong.

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