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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

overated = kabuto four eyed lame ... i'm hoping kishi forgets about him and doesn't even return to him at any point ... no surpassing orochimaru no copying naruto's nendo ... Who am i talking about again?? character ain't important enuf for me to remember

Underated = Killer Bee son ... i rmemeber somebody saying that the nine tails if different than the rest of the bijuu or whatever ... by my understanding ... the power of each one goes up by the number of the tails ... and by my calculation that makes him the second strongest. My man gets along with his demon like white on rice peanut butter and jelly and has masters some beautiful elemental chakra when he showed poor young sasuske that his electric manipulation was just not the full shiznit... nope

Killer bee was meant to run into naruto somehow and show him what'sup ...not in a fight but maybe teach him a thing or too about how to get along with the beast inside of him

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