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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Oh Mystik you make this too easy for me.

*drum roll*

Sasuke! Most over rated person along with his whole gruesome soiree. The full misery and droaning on of his (what I call) inner fail complex, has yet to be endured! It was bad enough that we had to be strung along for his angsty animus against his brother. A lesser emo might hold it right there, but Sasuke goes on to make us feel as pathetic with embarrassment as a tortoise trapped on the beach at low-tide, trapped nude and shell'less.

And yet Sasuke and his gang of hoodlums, dull and billboard-poster-loving hoodlums, will soon find that their little tadpole leader is about to go up against a real sage toad, who will crush him at every corner. That toad being my main man Naruto. Prior to the sage's deadly finishing blow, I hope; Sasuke concedes in accordance to the inquiry of Konoha's authorities in such a way as to make it absolutly clear that he is a hollow, shallow, and pretentious boy who thought of no one but himself and that no amount of after the matter butt kissing can make up for the fact that he questionably attempted murder and for a fact betrayed the trust of Konoha.

I'd just prefer to see his head on a pike and be done with his meager misery.

Most of his gifts, he obtained through cheap tricks, namely his eyes. Naruto had the courage and the strength to be great without the use of grafting a piece of sannins corpse onto himself. In this microcosmic hell on earth, there is always another circle behind the drapes of Madara, Pain, and the remaining thugs in Akatsuki. That lower circle is Sasuke. I rest my case.

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