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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by Last Leaf shinobi View Post
Jasmine ... ur right and i think most ppl r thinking of kakuzu when they say these things ... however kakuzu is hokage level. He fought the first and lost just like madara. He has won since and it took multiple ppl to take him down. Shikamaru brillance , kakashi, hidan unknowningly helping in the process ultimately saving kakashi the first time while yamato and naruto saved him the second. So by saying kakashi is weak is they r underestimating Kakuzu as well.

Kakuzu is brilliant i think he takes orochimaru hands down toss up but edges out sasori ... this just my opionion i would have him fourth or fifth down the akatsuki ladder which says alot considering the first three r pain madara and itachi.
I''ll link you a page of a thread I did on Kakashi being underrated. here's the link, just check it out. I would have posted it here, but I didn't feel like typing it all out.

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