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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by Narutologist View Post
Underrated characters…Kakashi (always fights a good fight then hospitalized for weeks), Neji (this kid is a genius who like sasuke finished first in his class, has a bloodline limit, super fast, and extreme chakra control…), naruto (nine tails chakra, the 4th’s son, nine tails chakra, the 4th’s son, train by jiraiya, kakashi, and the toads…yet gets beat down all the time), and my list will end at Sasuke ( this kid is a freaking genius, 1st in his class, bloodline limit, all the motivation in the world, trained by kakashi and orochimaru, pushed to be better by naruto…yet there are people out there who say he isn’t that strong, talented, or capable). I’m no rocket scientist but this is a thinking error. Like him or not this kid is the third best character in the manga…the first being Naruto and second being jiraiya…

I’m tired of typing so I will leave it at that…
I can see why people think Sasuke is underrated but for me it's not just about power or the amount of jutsus someone knows. His actual character itself is overrated, or at least to me it is. And lets face it there isn't a character in Konoha that underrates Sasuke's power.

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