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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
To respond to this and Mystik. We're in agreement when we say that Sasuke is indeed powerful. To doubt his abilities would be foolish. With that said, most of my attacks are aimed at Sasukes character and his hand-me-down abilities.

For a counter example. Naruto as far as we're aware is the first human to ever reach the pinnacle of sage training. Plus he's also the first to complete rasengan (or so we all assume). What has Sasuke accomplished on his own accord that goes beyond any other developed technique? Nothing. Both Sasuke and Naruto would not be where they are now if they did not stand upon the shoulders of titans. Yet, Naruto has had the strength and courage to go beyond just expectations of himself. Thats where I see the key difference besides the personality traits.
That's a really good way of looking at it. Sasuke has always been the perfect student, he's learnt how to do techniques that he knows from either copying them or just directly learning them from various mentors. He learns them the way that they are presented to him. Naruto on the other hand never seems to be satisfied to do something the original way, he is constantly putting his own stamp on the techniques he knows and pushing the boundaries in search for bettering himself. Ninjas like Naruto and also to a lesser extent, Lee, are much more appealing to me. They have had to work damn hard to get where they are and without any genius or superior bloodlines.

The only think I will say about Sasuke is that I am unsure if his advancements in Chidori are due to his own research and work or due to what Orochimaru had taught him.

"A shinobi must be courageous because below the courageous there is nothing."
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