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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
To respond to this and Mystik. We're in agreement when we say that Sasuke is indeed powerful. To doubt his abilities would be foolish. With that said, most of my attacks are aimed at Sasukes character and his hand-me-down abilities.

For a counter example. Naruto as far as we're aware is the first human to ever reach the pinnacle of sage training. Plus he's also the first to complete rasengan (or so we all assume). What has Sasuke accomplished on his own accord that goes beyond any other developed technique? Nothing. Both Sasuke and Naruto would not be where they are now if they did not stand upon the shoulders of titans. Yet, Naruto has had the strength and courage to go beyond just expectations of himself. Thats where I see the key difference besides the personality traits.
Sasuke is powerful and I will not argue that; but it seems WAY to easy for him to gain this power. He has been getting Jutsu dumped into him for the last two and a half years so he would be ready for the Micheal Jackson wana be (Aka. Oro). I like everything you said Detcelfer, but you did leave out chidori and what he has acomplished with it.

Originally Posted by Narutologist View Post
Let's look at chidori for a second. Kakashi trained sasuke to used that technique in the part of naruto...since then sasuke has taken chidori on levels we have yet to see kakashi accomplish. he has so many variations of it its a shame. Now he has a new sharingan that we have yet to see anyone else have. then look at that technique he did on itachi...that was all him. I can see the argument on character and all but there is no need to have two narutos in the manga...sasuke's character was shaped by the pain he felt as a child...hell the boy till this day remains to be confused because he doesnt know who to hold responsible for the destruction of his clan anymore. I sympathize with him...i think sasuke far exceeded the expectations that kakashi had and definitely orochimaru (he was so shocked when that sword come through the door)...

I think your putting Kakashi down a little too much with what your saying here. We have seen Kakashi use another jutsu (The lightning dog thing) and it was much better than Sasuke's. At the same time the last lightning technique Sasuke used in the Itachi fight was cool and I think it is something Kakashi had yet to think of.

I think the most important thing we have to remember is that they are both powerful and both have gotten there by different yet very simular ways, and the statement from Detcelfur rings true for Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura,
Both Sasuke and Naruto (& Sakura) would not be where they are now if they did not stand upon the shoulders of Titans.

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