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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
Finally a dispute with my good friend.

Naruto went after sasuke barrowing much needed man power "neji, shika, kiba, chouji". And for what. So he could keep him emotional tie with sasuke. with the village in need of every shinobi after oros attack, naruto shouldve found another way. At that moment he chose sasuke over the village.

That was my example for attemted murder. Yes, naruto doesnt use the kyuubi anymore because of that. But sasuke hasnt attemted to kill anyone since the first fight with naruto "excluding itachi". dont say what about the retreval, I seriously doubt sasuke would kill his only comrades, but let any evil enemy live. Even you have to agree that makes no sense.

Its on like donkey kong!
You go to a city and no one gives a rats behind about anyone else but themself (generalized), you go to a village and they're all close friends. My point is at first the village was willing to take risk in bringing back someone they all knew, grew up with, did missions along-side, and shared time together. Not to mention they're probably of the mindset of that of our military mantra we hear so much these days: "Leave no soldier behind, look out for your brother in arms".

By retrieval are you refering to Killer Bee? Because I was under the impression that killing or a KO was acceptable for Sasuke's task given to him. In either case he would have been responsible for the death of Killer Bee HAD he succeeded. Someone he knows nothing about at all who never inflicted anything upon him. Who has Naruto killed or attempted to that did not deserve it?

Your case is diminishing my friend. It's as a rock dropped in the ocean, plummeting through the chasms of the abyss.

Originally Posted by Naruto2008
... and the Jman can never be wrong.

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