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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
Well, sasuke lived in konaha. A martial-village "mainly milatary". In times of war and crisis the rules change. Sasuke left of his own free will, "more from the encounter with itachi thatn oro". my point is naruto and the others were needed. Waht if the village had been attacked while they were away?
But thats a what if. Soldiers are attacked for rescuing friends all the time. One can not live in fear of what might be or could have been. One simply has to follow to the best of their ability what is right. Saving a friend sound as noble of a cause as any other.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Well, you have no evidence KB wasnt trying, but suigetsus comment "we cant hold back, we have to fight to kill" sounds like team hawk were the ones holding back. It was just speculation. i mean, sasuke knows madara killed his clan so why help him? im almost absolutly sure madara is last on sasukes list for vengence. So, why help unless you have other intentions "IMO, gaining madaras trust and carrying on itachis work".
True, I can not directly ask KB directly. It was however made VERY clear that he underestimated his opponents. That strikes me as "not trying" his best would you not agree? Sasuke on the other hand had to bring back tangible results. So he either had to kill KB or knock him out. Either way he failed as with the rest of Sasuke's miserable exsistence. You look up fail in the dictionary and theres a picture of the Uchiha sysmbol and Sasuke crying.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Just because I like sasuke doesnt make me a fan boy. Minatos my favorite character.i dont think its right to hate someone for such subjective reasons, but its a fictional character. Your free to hate as much as you want...
It does make you one when you can not even admit that Sasuke is the mirror image of Naruto's dark side. Its what he represents. They're the yin and yang of eachother - the peanutbutter and jelly. To deny this is to deny the whole exsistence of their character struggles.

Originally Posted by Naruto2008
... and the Jman can never be wrong.

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