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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Comparing sasuke to the unibomber? Thats kinda pushing it isnt it? I mean sasuke was left alone with Oro for two and a half years and he seems to be doing alot better than expected.

But by your own example, didnt christan knights "sp" who, murdered people have good intentions? Because of differance of oppinion they murdered. Is naruto any better to have not respected sasukes decision to be left alone, instead naruto "with his good intentions" was willing to do anything to get sasuke back. Can you see my point?

These characters are not black and white, IMO.
You're right, they're not black and white. Naruto is a healthy pink red and tanish pigment with just the right illumination of refracting sunlight under the pores of his skin. Where as Sasuke is a pasty almost sickly Mcain tone. More skin over bones, probably because he is a bulimiac.

True, the unibomber was highly unstable and there was no question of his instability. Sasuke masquerades under the visage of a calculatingly calm but apparently psychotic misfit deserving of a lynching to his testicles if its ever proven he has any.

Originally Posted by Naruto2008
... and the Jman can never be wrong.

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