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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

I don't think Sasuke had it all planned out when he left for Oro. After being with him for so long you would have to notice that Oro was getting weaker, and he has made himself very weak for the stupid things he kept doing. Why would Sasuke want to waste his body/life for someone who could only use it for three years. I think he didn't plan killing him, but came to that conclusion because it was much more logical than handing himself over.

Oh, and the thought on him not killing anyone... His actions with his battle with Naruto had shown us that he was willing to kill but their attacks canceled each other out. He attacked full well knowing that the jutsu he was using would kill Naruto. Just because he happened to not kill him doesn't make him less of a villan. He most likely had nothing left to attack Naruto with and came to realize if he wanted to get away that he best get going.

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