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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by blake View Post
your statement about sasuke being nothing without the sharingan is wrong. I could see if he only used it all the time, but aside from genjutsu, it isnt that big anymore. he still has summons, incredible speed, genius intellect, and not to mention his fire jutsus and chidori variations. take away the sharingan and hes still a great ninja.

and u can say that naruto is only strong because of the kyuubi. since he has the kyuubi, it gives him 2 sets of chakra and healing abilities. without it, he burns out like any other ninja. lets take sasuke vs naruto from part 1. sasuke was giving naruto the work, and then he took the upper hand when he started relying on the kyuubi. then sasuke used cs and so on. but naruto would have been done without the kyuubi then
you ppl really take everything at face value man... i still say sasuke wud be nothing without sharingan...when i said that i was kinda comparing him with naruto.....m not sum anti-sasuke fanclub member....anyway lets take it the way u took it...

sasuke also uses amatersue from his sharingan not only genjutsu..he cannot counter genjutsu without his sharingan...without his sharingan he wud be dead by now..yeah sasuke is good in using his brain when fighting else he is dumb...he is simply played like drum by his bro and now madara..he cant think for himself...he thinks hw is not some pawn but actually he is till now..hope he is bluffing jutsu is not much of a threat until it is combined with wind...seriously it is easily aviodable...chidori cannot be used without sharingan...

now naruto..i m talking abt whole manga not just pre time skip...
naruto learned rasengan using his own chakra not kyubii's...and if u remember that rasengen blew the whole tank up...where as chidori cudnt...
i seriusly doubt any of the sasuke's techniques are more powerful than rasen he has sage mode... .moreover naruto doesnt have any specific kekei genkai...he doesnt even depend on kyubbi's chakra now...hhe learnt how to use elemental chakra faster than sasuke..and by relying on his own chakra not of kyubiis..if u have been reading manga u shd have known how he has been denying kyubi''s request of giving him power...moreover naruto is not dumb either we have seen how he has grown mentally..even ore time skip naruto was was naruto's plan to make zabuza release that water prison....i can write more and more...but i have to go mess my haed iwth the webserver ...else i wud have written more!!

naruto is a better ninja than sasuke...when they were child naruto was one helpless kid who had noone who could train him...where as sasuke was always competing his brother..moreover his brother and father both helped him train...but naruto never had any1...if u ll say iruka..iruka came later ....
if minato was alive and even then naruto was like that ..then u cud have said he is nothing and only relies on kyubi etc etc..

if u r sasuke fan ..dun bash the hero atleast..

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