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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by ShinobiKnight View Post
Overrated: Sasuke. Bite me, Sasuke fans.
Reason: He's never won a fight without the odds being tilted in his favor from the outset. Naruto didn't want to kill him, Itachi intended to lose, Oro was injured and in bed, Deidara was crazy, etc. This is all despite the fact that of his two teachers, both favored him heavily, and one was a legendary shinobi.

Most Underrated: Tie between Deidara and Kidoumaru.
Reason: Both had powerful techniques, and lost only because they went up against just the wrong person. To be more specific:
Deidara: He had bombs that could destroy enemies at a molecular level, from the inside out. He could level a village on a whim. He could use his clay in a multitude of ways. Sasuke's Sharingan and Deidara's insanity are the only reasons Sasuke beat him (narrowly).
Kidoumaru: Now I know some of you are scratching your heads about this, so I'll explain. Kidoumaru's web had his chakra running through it, making it nearly unbreakable. Neji could escape it because he could concentrate his chakra into a little point and cut through it. Any of the other genin would have lost quickly, since they were unable to do anything similar. If Neji had not been the one to fight him, Kidoumaru would have killed whoever it was, caught up with the others, and wreaked havoc on them. They'd likely all be dead.
Absolutely agree. Thankfully sharp unfettered reason has not vanished from the forums.

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... and the Jman can never be wrong.

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