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Re: The Truth

He opened his eyes and stopped caressing. He shook his head, ripped open the letter and proceeded to his bedroom.

As he sat on the bed he began to read the official report from Godaime Hokage.

Uzumaki Naruto,

An investigation has just come to a close that heavily involved you. You were not told of this because it was very dangerous and it would have made matters worse if you had known about the mission. There was a conspiracy in higher ninja ranks to have you assassinated soon. This was because you one of the prime candidates for Hokage and certain groups wanted to control the outcome of the Hokage so they could rule Konoha. The mission that took place to repel this was to infiltrate root division under Danzou and assassinate him, as well as key figures in some political groups. This mission was very dangerous but two people volunteered to take this on for your safety. These persons were Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke. They acted as a couple and faked moving in together to make root think they were estranged from you. This was three months ago. The mission has since come to a close and the threat has been dealt with.

Drops of tears could be seen hitting the report. He couldn’t believe it. ‘It wasn’t real?’

He choked back a sob while looking up at the ceiling. He blinked several times not wanting a few tears turn into a full blown cry……but he couldn’t help it. After all the things he said…….all the things he did to them……..They did not abandon their mission to keep him safe.

His sobs grew loud and his cries were deafening. “Sakura…………..Teme……”

His love and his best friend……..did NOT betray him. How was he supposed to deal with this? Three months of frustration, hate and pain. Thinking they slept together, that they were in each other’s arms laughing at what a fool he was. None of it happened.

But………that didn’t change the fact that he THOUGHT it happened at the time. Those things might not have been real but the feelings he felt upon hearing them were. He shut his eyes and shook his head while the tears just didn’t seem to want to stop.

It went on for a good couple of minutes before Naruto sucked in a deep breath and his eyes went wide as he remembered the words Sakura told him not ten minutes ago. “I never stopped loving you…..”

His body trembled at remembering the look in her eyes and the hurt on her face.

“Goodbye……sniff…Uzumaki Naruto.”

Naruto sprang off the bed and sprinted out the door, not caring that he left it wide open.


Bang bang bang

Naruto was currently outside Sakura’s apartment, out of breath and waiting for her to answer the door.

He heard footsteps shuffle on the inside. Soon the door was open and there stood a distraught Sakura. She stared at Naruto, her eyes red and puffy, and tears still leaking out of them. Her nose, red from constantly wiping it, and her hair was thrown haphazardly into ‘sort of a bun’ while she donned sweat pants and a loose tshirt. Definitely the signs of someone who had their heartbroken within the last hour.

Naruto stood slack jawed as he stared at the strongest Kunoichi he knew. He could not have caused this. At least that’s what he was trying to convince himself. But no matter how much he tried, he had to accept the fact that he had broken this girl, as she broke him.

“I assume you read it,” she stated softly.

He snapped out his thoughts hearing her voice, making him look confused.

She saw the look on his face and nodded with her head towards the paper in Naruto’s hand. “The letter…… I mean.”

She could only manage whispers as it was taking all she could not to let the tears rolling down her face break into a full blown cry. She would not let him see that. She still had her pride as a Kunoichi.

Naruto glanced at the letter, as though he just realized it was in his hand. It took a couple moments to register, but when it did, his face was visibly upset. He brought the paper up to head height and near waved it around.

Sakura’s gaze was still to the floor but she could see what he was doing with her peripherals.

“Why?” was the question in a pained voice.

Sakura looked up to see his eyes. Sadness and frustration in them.

“Why would you do that to me? Why didn’t you tell me?!”

His voice got louder as he went along but he wasn’t shouting. Sakura closed her eyes and a half sob slipped through before she wiped her face with her hands.

“I couldn’t. Danzou wanted Sasuke and I to kill you because we know you’re weaknesses. You could not have known otherwise they would have seen nothing had changed in your attitude. Also………..we needed to buy time. If I stayed with you they would have ordered the assassination sooner. I’m sorry.”

Naruto looked about wildly. To his left, then his right, before settling on his ex lover once again.

“Do you have any idea what I’ve been through? These past few months? Seeing it in your eyes. The signals. Only for you to ‘go home’ to Sasuke? I-I-.”



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