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Re: The Truth

He turned and looked at the man in his black eyes. Looking around and opening his mouth. Not knowing exactly what to say.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it,” the figure answered for him.

Naruto couldn’t help but look in disbelief. Snorting and then having a sarcastic chuckle. “Of course I shouldn’t worry about it. I only threatened to kill you and thrashed your reputation like a little child not getting candy and telling everyone his mother beats him. I have no reason to worry about it!”

Sasuke just smirked. “I threatened to kill you too. So we’re even.”

Naruto just shook his head as Sasuke walked off.

“I’m sorry…….you know…..”

Sasuke stopped mid stride and looked over his shoulder. The blond was now staring at him, his eyes pleading for forgiveness.

Sasuke nodded. “I know. But before I forgive you, you will have to do me a favor.”

Naruto’s eyebrows rose at this.

Sasuke, upon seeing it, smirked. “You have to promise that you will ATTEMPT to have team 7 as it used to be.”

Naruto’s eyes widened and he could feel new tears coming on. ‘Not again….Kuso’

“I’m going to tell Sakura the same thing. It’ll take work…….but………….”

Sasuke then turned around fully to face Naruto. “If you guys can accept a traitor back into your lives as a brother then we can definitely work past this.”

Tears fell as Naruto stared at Sasuke in amazement. For the first time, Naruto was staring at a smiling Sasuke. No smirk. Just a smile. Sasuke nodded and walked off. “See you later……dobe”

Naruto smiled. Maybe things would be okay in time.

2days later.

Naruto sat there on his chair, tracing the outline of the smashed picture in his living room. ‘Maybe it would be ok after a long long time.’

He sighed, and looked sadly at Sakura and himself. Knowing now that she still loved him made it even harder to do this. Because he loved her… much. She had not been ‘tainted’ by any other man. He longed to touch her, caress her, just hold her in his arms while they fall asleep. The good days where they would watch tv and fall asleep together.

Slowly, dejectedly, he put the picture down. A stray tear trickled down his face.


Knock Knock knock.

Naruto stared at the door and wondered who could be visiting him at midnight. He got up and wiped the tear from his face. He stood behind the door and took in a deep breath to compose himself before opening it.

He would have been better not trying to do this because he lost all composure when he saw his visitor. A woman with pink hair.

“Please…” said Sakura.

She was in her usual hospital attire and Naruto could tell she had just finished her shift. Her face was red from crying and her chest heaved.


Naruto’s tears fell as he stared at her confused.

“Please what?” he asked.

She looked at him and shook her head as the tears fell. “Please………… me Sakura-chan.”

A sob burst through Naruto’s mouth as he registered her request. He pulled her into his arms quickly and hugged her tight. They cried in each other’s arms. Tears and snot mixing into their clothes but neither cared. Naruto was close to bawling. “I m-i-i-s-s-s-e-d-d-d-d yo-u” he choked out.

Sakura cried harder into his shoulder. “I love you,” she cried.

Naruto broke the hug and placed one hand on her cheek and rushed in for her lips. As he made contact however, the rush was gone and all that remained was a slow, sensual, time stopping kiss. It didn’t matter to them that their tears and snot were on each other’s lips. Nor did it matter that they had three of the hardest months anyone could endure. All that mattered. Was them. And at that moment, they knew Sasuke was right. They would be okay. That was the truth. They were the truth

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