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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

i also said that sasuke was overrated. no doubt that sasuke has many powerful attacks and these things. what i meant was the fact that sasuke was being overrated by his fans.
his jutsus are very strong and his sharingan and the MS add to the compilation of advances sasuke has over the most characters. but i still think that sasuke was overrated since the deidara fight. but when he fought the 8tails, with no cursed seal and the MS, he began to show weakness, emotional ones and ones skill related.
i hope we will see the difference(nor not) in powerlevels from sasuke and naruto, to campare them, and perhaps we can kick sasuke out of the 'overrated top 3' ^^

i still think kisame is underrated, but there are so many side characters, which kishi sees to have forgotten, that i think we should differ more into side and main characters.

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