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Re: Shade of the Leaf

chapter 17:
Sakura lowered her hands, panting a little with the force of the motions she had used to snap the jutsu into place

kura lowered her hands, panting a little with the force of the motions she had used to snap the jutsu into place. Feeling the way the air hummed, she finally relaxed. Even Sasuke would have been impressed with that particular security measure. The jutsu wasn't very economical if you wanted something that would do more than warn you that someone was in hearing distance before dissipating. It was short lived; she would have maybe five minutes. That was okay. She didn't need more than that. Squaring her shoulders, she stood in the middle of her living room and finally gave words to the thoughts that had been plaguing her for days.

"I'm falling in love with Uzumaki Naruto."

She wasn't aware she had tensed every muscle in her body until her shoulders started to relax. She wasn't sure what she expected to happen, but Naruto didn't fall out of a closet and Ino didn't appear in her door. Her roof didn't fall in and there wasn't any sign of Itachi coming back from the dead, smelling a bouquet and quoting bad poetry. Kakashi hadn't appeared to tell her that he had sworn off his Ichi Ichi; the world was obviously not coming to an end.

"I'm falling for Naruto." The words were softer this time, more of a groan. Raking her nails through her hair, she stared at her ceiling. What was she going to do? Rubbing her temples, she found herself going back over her pitiful circular logic. The answers weren't appearing out of thin air and there wasn't a textbook to tell her what to do. In the past when she had had trouble with her fear for Sasuke she had drilled her anxiety into her training and sometimes into sparse conversations with Naruto.


Oh gods. She could just imagine having this conversation with him! Blanching at the thought, she tugged fisted her hands into her own hair and tugged. This wasn't working. What she needed… what she needed… what she needed was a mission.

A mission.

Perking up at the thought, Sakura quickly pulled on a pair of sandals and headed for the Hokage's office. Surely Tsunade would think getting some exercise and some mission pay into her account was going to be a great idea.


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