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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
Define shape manipulation on your terms. Based on my understanding of what shape manipulation is, there is a strong list of other candidates who without question, have stronger shape manipulation. Please site with annotation.
Read the manga.
If you want me to read it for you, then check the FRS training. Rasengan is shape manipulation. It shapes chakra the way you want.
Sasuke mastered the shaping of Chidori. He shaped many different attacks with just Chidori. He has so many variations. And that's his skill, not Orochimaru, not Kakashi.
Orochimaru didn't even know he could use that kind of manipulation when Sasuke attacked him.

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
Are you denying that Kakashi trained him? He came up with Chidori all on his own? Interesting.
I didn't say that. Further making you blind.
His skills are not all Kakashi's or Orochimaru's.

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
Thank you for pointing that out Captain Obvious.
No problem. You need obvious things pointed, obviously.

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
Prove that Sasuke did not learn it without guidence from Oro. Sasuke trained with Oro to increase his potential - the whole point of him abandoning Konoha so he could exact revenge upon Itachi. Japanese mythology as following Qin Dynasty Chinese Mythology the Kirin is the highest ranked mythological animal below the Dragon and Phoenix which are also techniques the Uchiha clan apply to their repitoire. Meaning that one can assume that this was a Uchiha technique passed down by Orochimaru. It can also be assumed then the other Uchiha had learned this technique as well.
Uchiha jutsu passed down by Orochimaru? Do you even know that your assumptions are not only biased, but they are illogical as well?
Kirin has nothing to do with Uchiha, otherwise Itachi would have recognized it easily. It's a lightning jutsu. And we can assume that Sasuke learned it on his own because Orochimaru didn't even know some of his jutsus. Orochimaru knew about Kirin, but nowhere does it say he had anything to do with it. We didn't even see Orochimaru use ANY lightning based jutsu.

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
Again, site with annotation where it says that Sasuke developed it entirely on his own and I'll stand corrected.
It didn't say anywhere in the manga, but logically looking, as I said above, it's probable that he learned it on his own.

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
Oh I'm sure you've never been opinionated Its cliche to use these words but they'll do you some good. "Get over it". Sasuke and Naruto both got where they are today by standing on shoulders of giants. Both Sasuke and Naruto have massive handicap traits that put them in front of the crowd. However, we know for a fact that Naruto developed his techniques on the foundations of others and perfected them to a level thats never been achieved (with a possible exception to the sage mode perhaps but we do not know for sure). I've not seen anything that Sasuke can claim the same.
Everything you said counts for Sasuke as well.

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
I've placed Sasukes skills on a pedestal with the slight admiration it deserves. But its crystal clear to me that Naruto's strong will overcomes the whiney and childish Sasuke we all remember. Luckily, most of those teardrops seem to be behind us.
Of course, the main character will be victorious.
The fact that you don't like Sasuke is okay as I said. His skills are out of the question though. You are downgrading him for nothing with no valid arguments.

Originally Posted by FantasticFoxkins View Post
Not everyone is talking about power alone when they say Sasuke is overrated. I know I certainly wasn't. I can see that Sasuke is by far one of the more powerful characters in the manga but I feel his character on a whole is overrated. He's really not that great of a character. People accuse Naruto of being lead by his emotions but Sasuke is twenty times worse. I just don't buy this 'None of you understand my pain therefore Konoha must be destroyed crap'. Itachi was is the perfect example of great power in the right hands. It's not just about power but the way a character uses that power. And call me crazy but I'm never going to buy into the Sasuke frenzy. He's simply not worth it.
Your first sentence says it all.
You cannot overrate a character's character. You can overrate his skills. His skills are not overrated.
As I said, it's cool hating Sasuke if you don't like the character, but shitting on his skills is childish if you even read the manga.
You argument is valid, but it's not about his skills, but characteristics, and that has nothing to do with being overrated or underrated.
Your post is good, and it explains why you don't like the character.


And most of you guys hate on him because of his character, that's not underrating or overrating. That's the whole point.

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