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Re: Overrated/underrated Characters in Naruto

Overrrated: (sigh) my dear Sasuke...Yes I love him, but I admit he's sometimes...well...stupid, cheater, crybaby, emo, cold, self-centered, with self-compassion, conceited, arrogant, rude, etc...and yet, we still love him (wonder what he eats to be that popular being such a baka...). The thing I hate the most about him is how he got his strength through other people and not by himself...And what I like the most is we all know he appears cold and sometimes you wanna stab him to death but you know he's soft and squishy inside (he doesn't kill if it's not necessary)...maybe we'll see that happy Sasuke again???

Underrated: Shikamaru. He's the mind genious, and the most mature of them all. He's one of the people who has told Naruto something true but slightly tough at the same time (when he said he had to grow up). He's the type of character who can guide others when making decisions and, don't forget, he might not be as strong as others, but his intelligence allowed him to kill an akatsuki member. SHIKAMARU ROCKS!!!
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