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Re: Naruto Shippuden

Do you think there exists anyone else in the world like Naruto?"

Sakura considered for a moment, touching a gloved finger to her chin. Then she smiled broadly enough that it almost popped out the sides of her mask.

"I know there is!" Sakura giggled. "But just like I did with Naruto you’ll have to wait for him to grow up a little bit."

Hinata’s white eyes actually twinkled. "You don’t mean . . .?"

Sakura nodded. "Konohamaru."

"Thank you so much, Sakura-san" Hinata said, giggling.

"No, Hinata," said Sakura. "Thank you."

The healing session complete, Sakura left the room feeling free. Free from a burden carried to long, Sakura felt like she could float. She felt like skipping, singing, anything to let the world know how happy she felt. She couldn’t wait to fling herself on Naruto, ask him out for a change. She could love him with all her heart now.

She wouldn’t be giving up on Sasuke either, simply adapting, and she knew that when they got Sasuke back, her biggest hardship would be to explain how she had fallen in love with the future Hokage, and hope Sasuke wouldn’t be too hurt by it.

Suddenly there was an agonizing scream from down the hall that curdled Sakura’s blood. A cold feeling started to gnaw at the pit of her stomach as Sakura remembered just who it was she had fallen in love with. She sensed that horrible chakra, and as Naruto screamed again Sakura could hear the horrible howl of the Kyuubi behind his voice. It was coming from the courtyard.

"This is bad!" Sakura said to herself as she sprinted down the hallway.

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