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Re: Everything

When his cerulean eyes opened again, his surroundings had morphed completely. The sound of painfully slow dripping water reached his sensitive ears, echoing off of the damp circular walls and causing ripples to spread across the murky green water. There was no light source and yet, there was light dim as it was.


He had been here before, he realized. This was the inside of the wretched seal, where Kyuubi was currently housed against his own free will. Something small and white floated past him on the sewer channel and his sharp eyes instantly darted to it. It was a paper seal. A chill ran throughout his entire body.


His feet began to move subconsciously in the direction that the broken seal had come from. The narrow path looked blacker than midnight the further down he looked but as he took a step into it, failing light lit his path. He wondered if maybe the light was coming from him but instantly shook off that ridiculous theory.


Was that metal rattling he could hear? The humid air smelled of thick smoke and tantalizing power and his footsteps quickened, leather slapping against the wet surface of the floor. A sound akin to that of someone dragging their nail across the bars of a prison cell began, growing more and more agitated with each pause and repeat.

He hadn’t noticed that the spine tingling drip had come to a halt; his shoes were the loudest thing in the sewers now. The faint metal sound continued and he was drawn towards it as if in a trance. The beginnings of a low rumble sounded throughout the tunnels, rebounding off the walls and echoing back and forth until it was no more but a whisper in the nonexistent wind.

“…Konoha…” a deep, bass voice growled. After hearing his village’s name, Naruto came to a halt listening intently for more.

He could hear nothing anymore and began to sprint towards the sound, something was wrong. He knew it was the Kyuubi and, after seeing the broken seal, cold dread had lodged itself deep inside his heart. As water lapped over the edges of his navy sandals and drenched his large feet, he knew he was getting closer. The restless swish of a gigantic tail and a loud growl caused the ground to tremble and the water to ripple.

“I’m going to destroy Konoha!” A devastating roar travelled throughout the sewers, rebounding and reverberating. It seemed to grow louder with every repeat until it felt like Naruto’s head was going to split in half.

His feet came to a halt. His cerulean gaze slowly travelled up the length of the thick bars, covered with multitudes of complex seals. His eyes met the bloody crimson ones of the Kyuubi’s and almost instantaneously, Naruto was thrown to the floor twenty feet away. Waves of corrupted red chakra had forced him back and he was struggling to catch his breath in the intensity of it all.

“Minato, I’ll kill you! You and that stupid village!” the anguished screams of the Kyuubi continued, his ivory fangs snapping at the door that caged him.

Three metre long claws were forced through the spaces in between the rusting bars. They came close to stabbing Naruto but he managed to roll away just in time. The Kyuubi let out a roar of frustration and slammed itself against its prison in an unreasonable frenzy.

“I’m not Minato!” Naruto yelled at the Kyuubi in an attempt to make him understand that he meant no harm.

“Are lies the only things that come out of your mouth?” the Kyuubi demanded, his accusing evil eyes glared at Naruto.

“I’m Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto!” he tried to make the Kyuubi see but it let out another thunderous roar, trying to spear Naruto onto one of its razor sharp claws.

“Shut up! I’ll kill you!” It screamed, slamming itself against the bars repeatedly.

The metal shuddered and Naruto could only watch in horror as more of the seals began to fall away. He could hear the prison straining to hold back the tainted chakra and blinding fear raced throughout his entire body.

He saw the claws race towards him but was powerless to move. His mind was screaming at him to get out of the way but his body refused to obey and he shut his eyes, waiting for his impending death.

A pair of strong arms hauled him out of the way. He was suddenly forced to his feet and it felt as though his wrist was going to be yanked from its socket. He stumbled along behind a saviour he could only dimly see and if possible, the Kyuubi’s screams escalated in pitch and volume until his ears were ringing painfully.

“I haven’t got much time so listen carefully. You’re going to wake up in a few minutes in the hospital again with Sakura,” a warm, enrapturing voice told him and Naruto nodded dumbly, even though the person wasn’t looking back at him.

As they turned a corner, the man’s clothes cracked impressively with the force of their momentum. He continued urgently, “Your seal is breaking. If it breaks, you will die and the Kyuubi will destroy Konoha and everyone in it.”

Almost as if in on cue, the Kyuubi let out another frustrated roar. The walls trembled and the water rippled as the powerful elemental threw himself against the bars again.

“You have to hold back the Kyuubi at all costs. It will take a lot of mental strength to keep him sealed but I know you can do it. I’ll always be here to help you out along the way,” he finished.

Blinding white light took over the entire tunnel and before it could completely obscure Naruto’s vision, he glimpsed a flash of white teeth and a heartbreaking smile.

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