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Re: The Jirayia Fanclub (New Owner)

Originally Posted by Pinoy_Shinobi View Post
I don't think Jiraiya died. He might seem dead but no "body" was retured to konoha when he died. Also, If Pein got his body, his body should have been used as one of the Realms of Pein.

This may be late but about Jiraiya vs. Itachi.... at their peak, I think Jiraiya will win. Itachi does have powerful jutsus but Jiraiya has way too many jutsus and yes, he has the frogs to fight with him. I dont know if Itachi can summon. A possible fight was possible when Itachi and Kisame were trapped inside a frogs belly. Even if Itachi and Kisame worked together, they wouldnt be able to kill Jiraiya. Seriouly injure yes but not kill him.

Orochimaru vs. Jaraiya, if Jiraiya fights 100% w/o thinking about their frienship, I think its a good match and he might even beat orochimaru.
Thanks. But u can't post in here only members can. If your asking to join then your in and a member. If you do not want to join. Then i'm going to have to ask u to leave. Sorry.
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