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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

Originally Posted by h33r View Post
well u r rite ...tsunade recognized yahiko she wud be helpful in fiding nagato...i think tsunade will start the search for nagato while naruto is fighting pain bodies...may be gai's team will return..and i think they r best choice right now to search for person hiding near of neji's byakugan..or they can take hinata too..they can scan the area....
but may be real pain is not found...and he just retreats or konan forces him to...something like that cud happen too...
Finding Nagato isnt important right now. Konoha seriously needs a make over. They lost several number of shinobi's this might include jounins, but as long as Naruto is around i believe Konoha can defend themselves from invading villages. so for now they need to get up from their feet and start building Konoha again.

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