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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

This one took a

Another Specialist Prediction:


What is Naruto's new jutsu?

(Naruto produces an extravgant amount of shadow clones. The clones surrond the entire area)

"Mass Shadow Clone jutsu. My new technique should take them out in one sweep. These clones should buy me some time," said Naruto. (Naruto grabs his wrist and places his arm up in the air)

"The sheer volume of chakra among the clones is staggering," said Human Realm. "Truly its the power of the 9 Tails. But its alright now. My chakra has recovered," said God Realm.

"Mass shadow clones. What is that boy planning," asked Shima. "Who knows? But can't you feel the natural energy surronding the real one," asked Fukasku. (Close up on Naruto shows huge arrays of natural energy gathering around him) "Whatever it is. I don' think it will be safe here any longer," said Shima.

"He must be planning something," said Hell realm. (Hell realm revives Hungry Ghost Realm) "Animal Beast will use summonings to protect realms. I'll move forward, while the rest stay back until I give the go ahead," said God Realm. (Animal Beast realm summons Chimera lizard that turns invisible. Animal Beast realm also summons a defensive summoning. Animal Beast and Ghost Realm hides in the lizard, the others hide behind the panda)

(shadow clone notices Hungry Ghost) "So it seems one of them is capable of using a
regenerative techinque to bring them back to life," said Shadow Clone. "Like it really matters. My new technique will kill them all anyway," said another shadow clone. "So they can vanish, with that type of summon,"asked shadow clone.

(Fuuton: Rasengan forms in Naruto's hand)

"Damn it. The chakra control is too great, even for Sage Mode. Its because I have so many clones. I've never practiced with this many before. I still need more time," said Naruto.

(The ground starts shaking)

"What's that jutsu. What ever it is, I have to stop it now," said God Realm. (God Realm rushes in the fray head first.) "Now. Don't let him near my jutsu," yelled Naruto. (The Shadow Clones all Surrond Pain.)

(About three shadow clones grab a shadow clone from the right and the left and uses Henge to transform them into Huge Shuriken. Three shadow clones tosses six huge Shuriken toward Pain with extreme speeds. As they reach his location. They poof into shadow clones. God Realm stopped in his tracks)

"Not bad," said God Realm. (They prepare to unleash massive punishment until God Realm uses his technique to blow them away)

"What's going on," asked Naruto. "That is another power of Pain. He can deflect and repel any ninjutsu, as well as phyiscal attacks," said Katsuyu. "I was sure that attack was going to work," said Naruto. "The jutsu is getting more deadlier," said God Realm. (Naruto holds (regular) Oodama Rasengan while its influenced by the wind element. It looks like Rasen Shuriken, except the Rasengan is bigger)

(God Realm continues pushing on. The Shadow Clones surronds Pain in a circle. Cutting him off.)

"All Direction Shuriken," yells Naruto. (The Shadow Clone launches a huge volume of shuriken toward Pain. "Shinra Tensei," said Pain. (A the shadow clones surronding Pain the closest are destroyed. Pain sores in the Air. He is then followed by a barrage of Exploding Tags with Kunai attached. A Huge Explosion in the sky appears)

(In the smoke)

"I can use a smaller version to stop the jutsu," said God Realm (He pops out the smoke and sees a sight giving him even shivers. An Ultimate Rasengan Infused with Wind Element. The stems from the jutsu stretches about 15 feet from all ends. The Ground starts to crack. People in Konoha feels a small quake)

"Shima are you seeing this," asked Fukasku. "He's not serious about activating that thing," said Shima. "We've got to get out of here. Warn the Buna," said Fukasku. (Before they leave. Naruto's shadow clone stops them). "BOy what the heck are you planin," asked Fukasku. "Are you mad, trying to take us with you," asked Shima. "Don't worry. I've been practicing," said Naruto. "Wait, all the techniques we've taught you and I don't remember this one," said Fukasku.

"I have Kakashi sensei to thank for this one," said Naruto. (The shadow clone poof)

(All the Shadow clones vanish) "I need as much control as possible," said Naruto. "NOW," yelled Pain. (A invisible suspect appears to strike Naruto from behind. However Shima uses her tongue to bind the lizard down. She slams it to the ground. Followed by that attack, Gamabunta's blade comes rushing down.)

"They saw through it," yelled Pain. (Close on Animal Beast and Hungry Ghost shows them
defeated, blood spewing from their mouth)

"That's another one grandma," said Gamabunta

"I can't risk using the technique again. If I do. The bodies won't recover. Looks like I'll have no choice. His jutsu must not ge through," said God Realm.

(Close up on Naruto)

"Sage Tech: Fuuton: Oodama Rasen Tendrils," yelled Naruto.

(A quick flash of Konan's face)

"Nagato, don't," said Konan.

Next Chapter: The Clash
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