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Red face Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

I feel like Paine's got something up his sleeve. He's 2 Bodies got handed easily. But I think he's got something up his sleeve that will make it more difficult for Naruto. He's not even worried or flinching.

But it's great that atleast 1/5 issues has finally put an end to this chapter.

that KAKASHI really is dead. got alot of forums with people still clinging to that White Lighting crap.

My predictions: It'll be hard for Naruto even if Pain still doesn't have much up his sleeve. Repulsion Powers?! Naruto is not as smart as Kakashi so, though he is stronger but what good is Naruto if he's stronger but he can't reach Pain.

What Ive noticed is that God realm is alot more important to them than the other bodies since they are protecting while its restoring its Mana (wink wink) I mean Chakra... If thats the case why did they just let two bodies got pwned?!

Im thinking there might be something more to God realm.

Oh yeah. how would Naruto react on seeing Jiraiya's dead body?! Will het got alot more upset?! or will it affect his fighting?!

Id like to see sasuke's face when he sees naruto! I doubt he's got any better than naruto.
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