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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

Getting Madara or Team "Chicken" Hawk into the mix right now would be throwing too much at the readers and plot at once. It makes no sense right now for them to go in while Pain's attacking; I don't think they'll get there even when the battles all over and done. They'll get word from Madara or someone that Pain was defeated by Naruto in Konoha, and Sasuke will have to be called back on orders.

I agree with others that Naruto will destroy more Pain bodies, which will result in the pulling out of Pain by Nagato. Fukusaku (Pa Toad) will stop Naruto from following him to finish the job; this ensures another battle between the two. Naruto cancels out of Sage Mode and goes to an injured Tsunade thats horribly aged and being tended by Sakura. Tsunade gives her final goodbyes to Sakura and tells Naruto that Jiraiya would be proud (maybe even a hint at Naruto's lineage). Tsunade dies.

While that's going on Team Guy is heading back toward Konoha when they see Pain's bodies hurrying from the opposite direction of Konoha. Deciding to trail them after seeing the Akatsuki cloaks, they follow them until God Realm w/ Animal Realm in tow flies off. Guy and his team are confussed at this, but run into the trio sent to Konoha by the Village Hidden in the Clouds as they to just saw Pain fly away.

Team Guy and the Lightning Trio arrive to a destroyed Konoha and learn of Tsunade's death. After a funeral, the emmisaries relay the message to Naruto of the Kage Summit on Akatsuki and Naruto decides to leave with Shikamaru and Sakura.

*That's my prediction for far in advance, but hey I'd be happy if one thing came true in it.

EDIT: Maybe a scene where Kakashi is still in that limbo realm and wakes up; he see's a tall man with blond hair with his back to him and thinks its Yondaime, only when he turns its Naruto.

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