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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

Originally Posted by Forlong View Post
I don't think Tsunade will die just yet. She used all her chakra, but that doesn't mean she's doomed.

I'm thinking that the fight will go on for a bit and Naruto will take down another realm. Pain will think back to something Deidra said: I had to threaten other people's lives to ware him down.

Pain (thinking): Maybe I should do the same...
One of the realms goes out to attack the villagers. Naruto, of course stops him and starts owning him. They end up fighting near Kakashi, who opens up his eyes.
Kakashi: S...sen...sei...
Naruto (looking over his shoulder): Don't worry, Kakashi-sensei. I'm here.
The next pannel shows Minato in the same possition.
Minato: Don't worry, Kakashi. I'm here.
Naruto takes down yet another realm. The Kage Bunshin disappears.
Danzou comes out of his hole, shocked to see Naruto.
Naruto (to Danzou): Stay back, old man. I can't affort to look after dead wieght while fighting this guy. (smiling at Pain) So, is that all you got?
Pain: You will learn pain, Jinchuriki.
Naruto: This again? I'm all to familiar with pain. And I'm getting tired of people acting like the pain they've been through makes them so damn special.
Naruto: Shut up, idiot! I'm not going to sit back while my village is in danger. I don't need you or anyone else to protect me.
Danzou (thinking): This brat can't be serious...
Naruto makes Kage Bunshins for each realm.
Danzou (thinking): He really indents to be Hokage.
Pain charges Naruto.
Danzou: This is bad. I...I...
Just as Pain is about to conect with Naruto.
Danzou: ...I can't afford compatition like that.
Close up of Danzou's eye.
Danzou: The Jinchuriki must DIE!

*next chapter: Oh My Gosh, Danzou's a Psycho!*

lmao now thats the type of drama i wanna see
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