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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

Agreed, a good read Jeanericuser; but only giving Naruto a Super Saiyan like upgrade...the man already has superhuman strength and a six pack, no need to make him Arnold Schwarzenegger, lol just kidding. A good read though.

However, this jutsu has been talked about since Jiraiya told Naruto not to use it *(can't find reference, but its there)

Jiraiya talking about it to the sealing toad here:

And when Naruto was training with Fukusaku:

It has to be something big that doesn't involve an element ninjutsu, since Naruto didn't know it back when Jiraiya taught him for 3 years. However, I may be wrong...But, if its a technique that Minato left for Naruto to master it either is a completed rasenshuriken or another unseen B.A. move that the 4th and Jiraiya wanted Naruto to learn.

Anyway, one of the biggest controversy's on here will soon be solved when we see just exactly is "that jutsu".

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